Reamers & Tweezers

Bead Reamer Set, deluxe

Bead Reamer, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

The diamond coated friction surface of the reamer burs cleans or enlarges holes of pearls and ceramic, glass or stone beads. The reamer comes with three burs - one for large holes, one for smaller holes and a 45° countersink, which makes edges rounder and smoother to prevent beads from cutting through the stringing material.

Pearl Tweezers, 15,5 cm long
Pearl Tweezers, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

With specially designed cup tips to safely pick up and hold pearls.

Knotting Tweezers, 13 cm long
Knotting Tweezers, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

With bevelled tips designed to precisely position and tighten knots during knotting without fraying or damaging the cord.

Crossed Tweezers, 16 cm long
Cross-Lock Tweezers, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

Frees up one hand during knotting: its self-closing tip with a smooth inner surface provide the right amount of grip, thus enabling easy handling and effortless holding of smaller items.

Stringing Tweezers, curved, 12 cm long
Curved Stringing Tweezers, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

Allows for perfect workmanship, even in areas that are difficult to access.

Stringing Tweezers, short, 11 cm long
Short Stringing Tweezers, Detail Reamers & Tweezers

The practical aid for precision grip and positioning.



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