Bead Stringing Material

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Are you looking for a suitable material to turn your pearls and stones into necklaces? GRIFFIN offers a huge choice of beading material, providing endless scope for your creativity.

Bead Cord on cards and spools

Due to the special manufacturing process of our silk threads, their surfaces are protected against fraying as well as twisting and entangling. This unique quality and our range from pure silk threads to high-tech fibers is the key to our universally valued cords. Our carded Bead Cord are especially convenient as they are supplied with a needle already attached.

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel Wire is a modern material for beading pearls and precious stones. It is an actual steel wire rope in miniature, covered with a special nylon coating. Whether the Stainless Steel Wire is used naturally, gold-plated or in one of many colourful variations, GRIFFIN Stainless Steel Wire makes individual design ideas possible.

Illusion Cord

This crystal-clear nylon thread is most suitable for the creation of necklaces containing seemingly "floating" pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry Elastic Cord (Stretch Magic)

GRIFFIN Jewelry Elastic Cord is ideal for elastic items of jewelry to slip on, like bracelets, hair bands and jewelry for children. Depending on the choice of design either clear or colourful Jewelry Elastic Cord can be used.

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