Bead Cord on spools

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GRIFFIN bead cord is more than just common thread. It has been specially designed to create all types of necklaces. It is important that the silk bead threads are twisted correctly to ensure strength, flexibility and ease of handling during subsequent use.

Griffin Bead Cord threads are produced with precisely the right number of twists under optimal tension in order to prevent future fraying as well as tangling and knotting. This precision is the key to our unique world-famous threads and their unmistakable quality.

Our extensive range of colours is based on the natural colours of popular gemstones, which enables us to satisfy the wishes of even the most sophisticated tastes. GRIFFIN Bead Cords distinguish themselves by the consistency and permanency of their colours.

GRIFFIN Bead Cord on spools is available in five qualities:


  • Jewelry Silk
  • Powernylon
  • Jewelry nylon
  • Braided nylon Cords
  • PowerCord


Bead Cord on spools


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