Waxed Cotton Cords

GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cords

Waxed Cotton Cord white

Waxed Cotton Cord cream

Waxed Cotton Cord light pink
light pink

Waxed Cotton Cord dark pink
dark pink

Waxed Cotton Cord coral

Waxed Cotton Cord red

Waxed Cotton Cord garnet

Waxed Cotton Cord yellow

Waxed Cotton Cord orange

Waxed Cotton Cord blue

Waxed Cotton Cord dark blue
dark blue

Waxed Cotton Cord amethyst

Waxed Cotton Cord jade green
jade green

Waxed Cotton Cord green

Waxed Cotton Cord olive

Waxed Cotton Cord cornelian

Waxed Cotton Cord beige

Waxed Cotton Cord light brown
light brown

Waxed Cotton Cord dark brown
dark brown

Waxed Cotton Cord light grey
light grey

Waxed Cotton Cord dark grey
dark grey

Waxed Cotton Cord black

Waxed Cotton Cord Ø 0,8 mm
Ø 0,8 mm
Waxed Cotton Cord Ø 1,0 mm
Ø 1,0 mm
Waxed Cotton Cord Ø 1,5 mm
Ø 1,5 mm
Waxed Cotton Cord Ø 2,0 mm
Ø 2,0 mm
Waxed Cotton Cord Ø 2,5 mm
Ø 2,5 mm

GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cords have come to be considered an indispensable and versatile beading material, especially for making fashion jewelry. They are quick and easy to handle and are extremely popular for costume jewelry and crafts thanks to their robust nature and the wide range of colours available.

The round braid of our high-quality cotton cords makes them robust and extremely durable with reduced elasticity. The wax coating of these cotton jewelry cords gives them a smooth, slightly polished finish, enhances their vivid colours so they look even more beautiful and gives them a touch of class. A wide range of 22 attractive colours in five different diameters, available as pieces of 5 m or on spools, will allow your imagination to run wild with countless options.
In the versions with smaller diameters, the cords are ideal as a beading material for gemstone beads and kumihimo, braided and crocheted pieces. All diameters are equally effective for creating bracelets that are twisted multiple times in a vintage style or Shamballa bracelets made using a macramé technique. GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cords can be easily combined with other materials, such as habotai foulard cords or leather cords, to create stunning jewelry designs.

GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cords are REACH accredited. 

GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cords  
Tips & Tricks
You can create your own amazing bracelets in a vintage style in just a few simple steps:

Take a piece of GRIFFIN Waxed Cotton Cord measuring approximately 1 m in length in your favourite colour, about ten round beads with a hole diameter of 2,0 mm and a pendant (e.g. made from a faceted nugget and headpin with pad). Fix the pendant's eyelet in the centre of the cotton cord by tying a knot on either side. Then fix the round beads at various intervals along the entire length of the cord, again by tying a knot on either side. Wind the cord around your wrist, measure it and cut it shorter if necessary. Tie a knot at the ends of the cord and tie the ends of the cord together. Your bracelet will look even more impressive if you combine it with a colour-coordinated GRIFFIN Habotai Foulard Cord


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