Carded Bead Cord

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Carded Bead Cord

GRIFFIN bead cord is more than just common thread. Our company has decades of experience and all the technical know-how required to manufacture this unique thread with such stability and flexibility. The technical development of our own machines, efficient production methods and the use of premium raw materials are the underlying factors behind the renowned high quality of our products.

GRIFFIN bead cords receive the precise number of twists under optimal tension during production in order to prevent fraying, tangling and knotting at a later stage. This precision is the key to our unique world-famous threads and their unmistakable quality and varieties.

The special stringing needle that is attached to the GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord means you do not have to struggle with the fi ddly task of threading a needle or double thread when stringing on beads. There is no simpler, faster or more convincing way to thread pearls, stones or glass beads.

GRIFFIN Carded Bead Cord is available in three different qualities:


  • 100% natural Silk
  • NylonPower
  • High Performance

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