Fire-Polished Beads

Some fire-polished glass beads by JABLONEX ...
GRIFFIN Fire-Polished Beads are available as crystal, rosaline, orange, coral, carmine, garnet, yellow, topaz, sapphire, indigo light, amethyst, aqua, peridot, olivine, emerald, cornelian, sarder, smoky, grey, black



Fire-polished glass beads get their name from a very special polishing process. The pre-faceted beads where placed on fireclay plates in a wood-fired polishing furnace. The fire would then gently polish the beads and eliminate tiny microscopic scratches from the surface. Although today the smooth surface of the beads is achieved by polishing the beads in an electrically heated furnace, these fire-polished glass beads are still symbolic of an extremely attractive synthesis of fire and glass.  

The Czech company Preciosa Ornella looks back on a long tradition of manufacturing fire-polished glass beads. The unique worldwide quality of Preciosa Ornella fire-polished glass beads is not only based on the outstanding quality of the rough glass used, but also the accumulated experience in this special polishing method that has developed over generations. This is the only means of creating these elegant and colour-fast fire-polished glass beads that are free from impurities. As with all Preciosa Ornella glass beads, even these beads have specially sealed surfaces to protect them from environmental influences and are therefore unaffected by sunlight and perfume, and are hand-washable. 


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Bead Board

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Example of use, Fire-Polished Beads: Bracelet



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