Drilled gemstone strands

Group of Precious stones with holes

GRIFFIN Precious Stones are available as selenite, howlite, rose quartz, red, jasper, calcite, lapis, fluorite, chalcedony, amethyst, serpentine, aventurine, labradorite, cornelian, agate, tiger eye, obsidian, hematite

Ten thousand years ago the first precious stones such as amethyst, jade and garnet where already being used to produce jewelry. Due to their rare beauty, precious stones were exclusively reserved for a few people in the ruling class and were above all considered to be a symbol of power and influence of their owner.

Nowadays the availability of these noble stones is significantly greater and precious stones are no longer just worn to show off one‘s wealth. Their owners rather admire them today for their natural beauty and harmony. It is therefore hardly surprising that when choosing a precious stone one tends to have a personal taste for particular stones.

GRIFFIN Precious Stones captivate with the high quality raw stones that are chosen for further processing, their genuine natural colour and carefully polished surfaces.

GRIFFIN Drilled Gemstones are available in 40 cm strands. In addition, GRIFFIN also offers the following shapes in packs of 10 pieces.

  • Heart 12 mm, drilled horizontally
  • Rondel 6 x 6 mm
  • Olive faceted 12 x 8 mm
  • Lens faceted 12 mm
  • Ball faceted 12 mm
  • Button 3 x 8 mm
  • Square stone 6 x 6 mm, drilled diagonally


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