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Some bohemian crystal glass beads by JABLONEX ...
Crystal-Cut Glass Beads are available as crystal, rosaline, orange, coral, carmine, garnet, yellow, topaz, sapphire, indigo light, amethyst, aqua, peridot, olivine, emerald, cornelian, sarder, smoky, grey, black
Due to their precise cut and distinctive shape, these Bohemian Crystal-Cut Glass Beads are surely amongst the most beautiful glass stones. In a way they form a category of their own between stones and glass beads. While their proportions and type of cut put them in the same category as precious stones, their shape and central hole classify them in the glass bead family. Bohemian Crystal-Cut Glass Beads are therefore also referred to as the glass sisters of precious stones.

The distinctively brilliant surface quality of Crystal-Cut Glass Beads can only be achieved by special mechanical processes that polish the outer surface of the facets to a shiny gloss without weakening the edges. Besides the unique surface finishing, the distinctiveness of Bohemian Crystal-Cut Glass Beads is also achieved from the excellent quality raw glass used by the company Preciosa Ornella. The Czech company Preciosa Ornella looks back on a long tradition of manufacturing glass beads. Your Bohemian Crystal-Cut Glass Beads are a perfect beauty. Only exact machining of the rough glass will create such brilliantly shining glass stones in such an elegant and impurity-free form. As with all Preciosa Ornella glass beads, even the Bohemian Crystal-Cut Glass Beads have specially sealed surfaces to protect them from environmental influences and are therefore unaffected by sunlight and perfume, and are hand-washable.

Accessories & Utilities
Accessories & Utilities: Bead Board
Bead Board

Example of use
Example of use, Crystal-Cut Glass Beads: Necklace and ring
Necklace and ring


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