Bohemian Rocailles



Bohemian Rocailles
Bohemian Rocailles are available as crystal, rosaline, orange, coral, carmine, garnet, yellow, topaz, sapphire, indigo light, amethyst, aqua, peridot, olivine, emerald, cornelian, sarder, smoky, grey, black
The first rocailles glass beads were manufactured from small sections of the finest glass tubes in the city of Venice in the 15th century. Due to the exceptional manufacturing process and their unique range of sizes and shapes, rocailles represent their own category within the family of glass beads.

The Czech company Preciosa Ornella looks back on a long tradition of manufacturing glass beads and their qualitatively worldwide incomparable Bohemian rocailles are a class for themselves. Only Preciosa Ornella Rocailles offer the sought-after perfect round bead shape with a perfectly centred hole. In contrast to conventional seed beads (glass beads from China and Japan), these Czech glass beads have an exceptionally consistent size and colour. In addition to this, Preciosa Ornella Rocailles have a specially sealed surface to protect them from environmental influences and are therefore unaffected by sunlight and perfume, and are hand-washable.
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