Craft Wire

Craft Wire

Craft Wire gold plated
gold plated

Craft Wire silver plated
silver plated

Craft Wire Ø 0,25 mm
Ø 0,25 mm
Craft Wire Ø 0,4 mm
Ø 0,4 mm
Craft Wire Ø 0,6 mm
Ø 0,6 mm
Craft Wire Ø 0,8 mm
Ø 0,8 mm
Craft Wire Ø 1,0 mm
Ø 1,0 mm

GRIFFIN Craft Wire is a modelling wire that can be easily and permanently shaped and therefore is the most suitable type to model imaginative rings, pendants and earrings. Our Craft Wire has a flexible copper core silver plated with 925 sterling silver. With the gold plated craft wire, the copper core is also silver plated first of all and then gold plated with 24K gold leaf, giving it a brilliant shine. Use GRIFFIN Round Beads or smaller beads and stones to finish off the Craft Wire endings.


Craft Wire 4m



GRIFFIN Craft Wire is available in silver or gold plated in five diameters. We offer it on 4 m or 6 m rings and 10 m, 15 m or 35 m spools.


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Accessories & Utilities



GRIFFIN Hard Wire CutterGRIFFIN Round Nose PliersGRIFFIN Chain Nose Pliers


Suitable accessories include the GRIFFIN Hard Wire Cutter, the GRIFFIN Round Nose Pliers „Professional“ and the GRIFFIN Chain Nose Pliers „Professional“.

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