PowerCord white

PowerCord PC1 Ø 0,13 mm
PC1 Ø 0,13 mm
PowerCord PC2 Ø 0,2 mm
PC2 Ø 0,2 mm
PowerCord PC3 Ø 0,25 mm
PC3 Ø 0,25 mm
PowerCord PC4 Ø 0,3 mm
PC4 Ø 0,3 mm
PowerCord PC5 Ø 0,35 mm
PC5 Ø 0,35 mm

When compared to GRIFFIN Bead Cord, common silk and nylon threads tend to break as soon as their maximum tension is exceeded. GRIFFIN PowerCord consists of high-tech fibres with a specially dense molecular structure. Its tensile strength is unbelievable: In fact, even the thread with the smallest diameter cannot be torn apart by hand. These fibres are 15 times stronger than steel, which makes them the strongest fibres in the world. The result is absolute safety for your jewelry.

GRIFFIN PowerCord is however as smooth as silk, pliable and excellent to work with. Since GRIFFIN PowerCord does not stretch, necklaces and chokers will not elongate over time.

The high-tech solution: Extremely strong with incredible tensile strength! GRIFFIN PowerCord is ideal for pearls, beads and stones with small bead holes that require the use of a thin thread. No other bead cord, especially with a small diameter, has the tensile strength of GRIFFIN PowerCord.

Extrem Stark und reißfest

Extremely strong with incredible tensile strength!

GRIFFIN PowerCord silk bead cord is the ideal choice for necklaces with gemstones, such as rock crystal or amethyst, heavier beads and metal beads with difficult or small drilled holes.

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Bead Cord CutterScissors for High-Tech Fibres


Since GRIFFIN PowerCord and GRIFFIN NylonPower can be slightly more difficult to cut than natural silk, you should use the GRIFFIN Bead Cord Cutter or the micro-serrated GRIFFIN Scissors when cutting high-tech fibres.

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