Jewelry Silk

Jewelry Silk

Jewelry Silk white

Jewelry Silk black

Jewelry Silk light pink
light pink

Jewelry Silk coral

Jewelry Silk garnet

Jewelry Silk amber

Jewelry Silk dark blue
dark blue

Jewelry Silk amethyst

Jewelry Silk turquoise

Jewelry Silk jade green
jade green

Jewelry Silk green

Jewelry Silk brown

Jewelry Silk grey

Jewelry Silk A/S1 Ø 0,15 mm
A/S1 Ø 0,15 mm
Jewelry Silk B/S2 Ø 0,2 mm
B/S2 Ø 0,2 mm
Jewelry Silk C/S3 Ø 0,27 mm
C/S3 Ø 0,27 mm
Jewelry Silk D/S4 Ø 0,3 mm
D/S4 Ø 0,3 mm
Jewelry Silk E/S5 Ø 0,33 mm
E/S5 Ø 0,33 mm
Jewelry Silk F/S6 Ø 0,35 mm
F/S6 Ø 0,35 mm
Jewelry Silk FF/S7 Ø 0,38 mm
FF/S7 Ø 0,38 mm
Jewelry Silk FFF/S8 Ø 0,42 mm
FFF/S8 Ø 0,42 mm
For centuries, silk has been the traditional beading material in the production of necklaces. Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. Silk threads have good tensile strength and little stretch and can therefore be easily worked with and knotted. Necklaces made with natural silk drape naturally along the contours of the body and always project a look of elegance and beauty. GRIFFIN Jewelry Silk Bead Cord is made exclusively from the high-grade filament of the silk cocoon. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic brilliance and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk. Having been on the market since 1866, GRIFFIN GmbH offers you the best of the best in the form of our Bead Cord on spools made from 100% Natural Silk.

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Accessories & Utilities
Accessories and Utilities: Beading Needles

Give your necklace a professional and beautiful finish: Pull a length of French Wire (Bouillon) over the ends of your bead cord. It protects your jewelry from breaking at the clasp end.

GRIFFIN French Wire available as silver-plated or gold-plated.

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