Jewelry Ribbon

GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbons

Jewelry Ribbon white silver
white silver

Jewelry Ribbon light pink
light pink

Jewelry Ribbon pink

Jewelry Ribbon orange

Jewelry Ribbon red

Jewelry Ribbon garnet

Jewelry Ribbon light gold
light gold

Jewelry Ribbon light blue
light blue

Jewelry Ribbon navy

Jewelry Ribbon lilac

Jewelry Ribbon turquoise

Jewelry Ribbon jade green
jade green

Jewelry Ribbon green

Jewelry Ribbon cornelian

Jewelry Ribbon brown

Jewelry Ribbon grey

Jewelry Ribbon black

Jewelry Ribbon Ø 6,0 mm
Ø 6,0 mm

 Jewelry Ribbon colors

GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon consists of loosely interwoven fi ne wires of brass, copper and/or aluminium, whose lacquer coating produces a fantastic variety of colours. Its amazing ductility (it can stretch up to three times its original width) allows GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon to be easily shaped into three dimensional fi ligree structures. Both the material itself and the coating of GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon are free of nickel, water proof and extremely heat resistant (up to 265°C).

GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon is a quality European product whose range of uses opens up a completely new world to jewelry design. Available in 17 fashionable and brilliant colours.

colors and diameters 

Tips & Tricks
What can you make with GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon?
Twisting and stretching: By stretching it across the width and twisting, any shape can be formed. If you work in an additional length of thin GRIFFIN Fancy Wire modelling wire, these structures become more stable.

Twisting: Gently roll the GRIFFIN Jewelry Ribbon with your fi ngers and you will get a strand that can be used for stringing beads.
Adding beads: The construction of the ribbon makes it possible to string beads and to wrap them inside the ribbon.
Adding other ribbons: As when you‘re working with beads, you can add in other stringing material to your work. Your structure will achieve more stability, depending on the material used.
Attaching clasps: Pull the end of the Jewelry Ribbon through a jump ring. You will now be able to tie a knot and fi x it using GRIFFIN Superglue or knot the ends and glue them into a tube end or bell cap. Then, attach the clasp to the jump ring.
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